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erupted_kisses's Journal

13 June 1906
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I love ANTM, yes, I am a huge fan of it. I am currently rooting for Courtney and Nicole. I love this cycle and I think this just may be the best cycle yet.

I love eating cookies and donuts, well, currently. They are some of my weaknesses, but depends on the flavour though. Only if it's heavy on the chocolate for donuts and light on the chocolate ( preferably white chocolate ) for cookies.

I love Sunflowers. They are very sunny and bright, it's almost suitable or rather reasonable for somone like me. I love fresh and bright energy. So I love Anya when cycle 10 was airing. :DDD

Don't laugh, I do like Neopets. It's fun, and I can waste my time on it. Anyway, why would you do that when you're bored? Internet ain't very attractive all the time. Things like this do helps!

I love Sasha Pivovarova, she's my all-time favourite. Yeah Gemma looks like her but I prefer her. :D

Boys over Flowers and Absolute Boyfriend is my favourite overseas drama except for some Hong Kong drama which names I forgot. I'm from Singapore. Lee Min Ho is so hot...